We can immediately make available marketing resources that exporters might take years to develop on their own, taking risks of indirect exporting


In future we see the world of international and intercontinental trade available even for microfirms. We will do our best to make it happen and to make it accessible to every single enterprise.


The general purpose of our organization is to connect and reunite the international trade all over the world and make the ties of trade as solid as it possible. Simplify the trade – lower the barriers!

Who we are?

Our ambitious team of specialists desire to solve the problems evolved in international trade in the most effective and reliable manner. Individual approach to the trade partners within the framework of a treaty. Quality, reliability and long-term partnership are our priorities. Adequate and fixed timeframes and deadlines. Providing the services on the any level of the supply chain.

Why we?


While being flexible in terms of e.g. speed of delivery, report content and format, applied methodology, number of countries to be researched or other specific requirements, we maintain the same quality standards as the big corporations


  • Tailor-made solutions
  • International network of local partners and consultants
  • Expertised at the local market conditions
  • Related education basis professionals
  • Abundant multicultural experience

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