How we work


No upfront demonstration of Bills of Lading / Proforma invoices / Proofs of Product / Inspection or other previous perfomance.

No samples assignment.

Take notice, that the commodity prices may be subject to change without being notified according to the constantly changing raw material prices utilized in its production.




















Customs Brokerage

As an Export Managing and Trading Company we do organize purchase and delivery of raw materials.

We guarantee that the prices we offer would be the lowest at the moment of testing the market.


Type of deliveries could vary depending on the order destination and country of commodity origin. We devote oneself to contract and spot deliveries.


The inspection procedure is taking place at the place of loading on the seller’s costs, although the inspection at the discharging place should be made on the buyer’s funds.


Packaging depends on the type of commodity, volume order and the type of transport. Labeling and tare could be chosen upon client’s demand, including private labels.


Terms of payment are usually boil down to Letter of Credit. There are a few most common types of L/C: Irrevocable, Stanbdy, Transferrable, Import/Export ones. The reason of using this method is because of security and safety. Other advantage is that the deal is done bank to bank and the payment could be received after certain documentary delivery conditions have been met. Or, in case of the seller it is much more safely, because the seller could require the payment in case if the buyer refuses to pay.

During safety the deals are made between the top 5 local banks of the contry of origin and destination.


Customs brokerage services as a rule provide local specialists of the final place of consignment. In some europian countries we could handle to do it using own resources.



Rough Procedure Scheme 

0. The buyer (buyer’s mandate)  is preagreed on the price, terms of payment, delivery and other conditions.

1.  Issuance of ICPO, NCNDA/IFPA by the buyer. Issuance of BCL by the buyer’s bank. Quality photocopy of buyer’s foreign passport.

2. Issuance of FCO by the seller.

3. Signing of a treaty by the buyer, sending the signed copies to seller, after seller signs it, sending back signed copies to the buyer.

4. The next stage is the Letter of Credit procedure, which is done bank to bank.

5. Opening the financial instrument by the buyer

6. Seller provides Proof of Product and other documentation to its bank in order to activate financial instrument. Perfomance bond could be provided or not.

7. The shipment starts after the instruments are activated and the inspection is made according to the concerted dates.

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