– Connecting suppliers with buyers

– Canvassing for products in the region or overseas

– Arranging logistics from origin to destination

– Arranging full or partial loads for hauliers

– Organising Customs procedures at place of origin and/or destination

– Representation for loading / discharging operations

– International representation

– Market research

– Distribution

– Integration of small and medium manufacturers

– Break bulk operations

  • Logistics, loading/discharging representation


Logistics is one of the most important parts of our services. Generally speaking we do analysis on basis of the most appropriate dates and prices for the customer. It is very important to us to know every single price on the local transportation agencies and to do our best to find the most lucrative and reliable contracts for you.

We make the calculation for all means of transportation depending on the supplier and buyer localization and looking for the most appropriate one.

Geography of our influence spreads from Eastern Europe to the Western part and North Africa.



  • International Representation


How to help small and medium enterprises exporting theirs products?

The answer is, as a matter of fact, these kind of companies have even more influential competitive advantages than bigger companies and in turn try to imitate it.

Small companies are situated much closer than bigger ones. And this is the main reason why they could react much more faster on the market needs. There are other, like fast reaction to product range, technologies, etc what is a big and expensive problem for big competitors. Main thing is to act fast. Again, it is easier to concentrate on the quality and individuality for SME’s.


  • Connecting suppliers with buyers


Our general services are intended to create mutual profitable and long-term relationships between supplier and buyer. We do complete market intelligence of an inquired commodity and let our customer to choose from overall list of offers.


We believe in open, truthful and transparent deals based on legal permits and certifications.


We work by means of direct suppliers only. Results of our job include data from the whole reginal markets not just from a few separate countries.

  • Market research

photo-1458040937381-49c067dfd49aGenerally speaking, the point is about in-depth analysis of the specific market or predefined raw material upon request. Or using our database what makes the process done twice faster, in case if the market has been already researched.


We create a unique work as regards detail and complexity. KONICK EXIM TRADING disposes of huge contact database and keeps in touch with producers, wholesellers and distributors from the regions of Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States and Near East. The added value of our work is find best offers for our clients and to create legal ties between two main trade participants.



  • Customs Procedure


As a mandate, for making our services integrated and complex we organize agreements from EXW to DDP adhering to the conditions of Incoterms 2010.


Customs declaration and clearance is made by choosing the broker relying on his experiences and lowest commision rate. In some cases, depending on the country, we could execute this procedure with our own resources.

  • Distribution

export12Whereof we conduct operations not just as an Export Trading Company, but Export Management Company too, we offer services on the conditions of commercial agents.


By this we mean offering your products overseas and to open new markets for you.


In the beginning of developing of our trade relationships we could start with a commision basis cooperation payable after invoice payment. No marketing investments required.


There are lots of myths about exporting of small and medium size businesses, e.g.:

“Exporting is only for large companies”, “It’s difficult to get financing for exporting”, “There is tough competition and the market is full”, “Business owners need to be fluent in a foreign language”, “Licensing requirements are not worth the effort”, etc. and none of these is true…

We know how to deal with this type of tasks.