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Bee Bread

Bee bread is the bee-collected pollen with the mixture of honey and bee salivary enzymes, stored inside the bee hive. Acquisition of bee bread can be troublesome for some bee farmers because it requires the destruction of the bee hive for harvesting. In the case of the stingless bee, bee bread is stored inside a cerumen pot. The bees will be able to repair the damage and rebuild the pots. Bee bread is a part of bee diet, mainly as a source of protein for bee larvae and young bee’s development. Because of its nutritive properties, it can be considered a valuable food supplement for human consumption.

Technical parametres: bee bread contained high protein (21.70 – 23.33 %) and carbohydrate (57.06 – 58.89 %) contents. Glucose was the predominant sugar found (average 11.499 g/100 g). Eight essential amino acids were quantified, and arginine was detected the highest. The major mineral element in the bee bread was potassium (average 6705.9 mg/kg), followed by phosphorus and magnesium. 

Packing: Plastic bags of 20-25kg in carton boxes.