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Bee Pollen Dry

Hailed as a superfood thanks to its nutritional content, bee pollen has been used in many countries around the world for centuries. 

It is made of pollen which is collected from flowers by bees, and is a mixture of pollen, saliva and nectar. After the pollen has been collected, bees will bring it back to the hive and store it in honeycomb cells. 

Bee Pollen is a natural source of B Vitamins and folic acid both of which are important to help with energy levels and can help with memory too. It’s great to help people get relief from Hay Fever symptoms, asthma and respiratory problems it also helps boost the immune system. There are other health benefits including hearth health, reduced cravings and weight management. 

Packing: Plastic bags of 20-30 kg in carton boxes, 400-600 kg net on a pallet. 

Application: add one or two teaspoons to yoghurt, cereal, ice-cream or take straight from the spoon. Eat it with fruit to get maximum benefits.