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Beeswax can be used in the entire range of cosmetic products, for example in formulations, sticks, salves, make-up, hair care products, etc. Advantages of beeswax are high binding strength, pronounced plasticity, excellent emulsifiability, relatively low melting point, highly occlusive character. In sticks beeswax improves structure, oil retention, firmness, adhesion, pay-off and mould release. In emulsions beeswax functions as a consistency regulator and as a co-emulsifier and contributes to skin feel, emolliency, barrier function and appearance. 

Worker bees that are 12-18 days old make beeswax from specialized glands on the underside of their abdomens. The white wax capping on the honeycomb are the cleanest and most desirable to use in cosmetics. This wax can be melted and mixed with various vegetable and essential oils to make a luscious emollient base and acts as a natural preservative for your creations. Beeswax holds in moisture and is known to have sun-blocking properties. This quality as great for your skin as well as wood and leather. 

High quality, purified 100 % natural. 
Conforming to EU veterinary standards and regulations, certified by local veterinary authority. Particular batch certificates are available upon request. 

Packing: Solid Blocks of 6-13kg each. On 1 pallet can fit from 500 to 1000kg net. 

Applications: Beekeeping, Candlemaking, Creams, Lotions, Lipsticks, Cold Creams, Color, Cosmetics, Emulsions, Depilatories, Furniture Polishes, Wood and Leather Polishes, Textile, Wood and Paper Finishes, Candles, Moldings, Lubricants, Industrial Applications, Hair Care, Ointments, Salves, Pharmaceutical Excipients

Technical and quality parameters

Acid value16.0 Mg/G - 23.0 Mg/G
Melting point62.0ºC - 67.0ºC
Saponification value75.0mg/g - 110mg/g
Ester value70mg/g - 80mg/g
Hydrocarbon13,5 - 16,5 %
OriginCentral and Eastern Europe