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Beeswax Foundations

Foundations from a beeswax is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of beekeeping. Foundation is simply a flat sheet of beeswax that has a base of the cell, either made by casting or rolling. It has a purpose to provide the bees with a foundation on which they build their comb. 

Before the foundations are made, we heat beeswax to approx. 125 degrees for a few hours. As a result of this sterilizing process, the foundations are guaranteed to be decontaminated. 

Cast foundations would be very sensitive to breakage, which is why we only offer rolled foundations. 

For processing, the foundations should have a temperature of 35 ° C. Which prevents it from breaking in a subsequent deformation. 

Packs of 1-5 kg foundations wrapped in a neutral paper. Can be shipped in neutral carton boxes of 5-30 kg each. Each pallet has a net weight of 300-350 kg. 

We can produce wired and unwired foundations of any required size. There may be differences in color and smell. A smoky smell is possible. Standard cell size 5.4 mm. Some of the most common sizes are listed below:

Technical and quality parameters

British National (WBC) Brood345 mm x 205 mm
British National (WBC) Super345 mm x 125 mm
Voirnot corps320 mm x 320 mm
Voirnot hausse160 mm x 320 mm
Warré cadre180 mm x 260 mm
DNM195 mm x 345 mm
Dadant Blatt410 mm x 270 mmca. 7,5 pcs/kg
Dadant hausse135 mm x 410 mmca. 15 pcs/kg
Dadant Leiste420 mm x 260 mmca. 8 pcs/kg
Langstroth200 mm x 420 mmca. 10,5 pcs/kg
Mini Plus195 mm x 135 mmca. 34 pcs/kg
Zander135 mm x 390 mmca. 16 pcs/kg
Zander390 mm x 195 mmca. 11 pcs/kg