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Beeswax Pellets Yellow

The beeswax pelleted for easy use and portion. We guarantee that we provide you with the pure beeswax product, that is filtered and cleaned out of the mechanical and chemical impurities and residues. Can be used for candles, balms, polish, creams, or soaps.

High quality, purified 100 % natural.  
Conforming to EU veterinary standards and regulations, certified by local veterinary authority. Particular batch certificates are available upon request.  

Packing: 20-25 kg plastic bags in carton boxes. Pallet size is 500-800kg. 

Technical and quality parameters

Acid value16.0 Mg/G - 23.0 Mg/G
Melting point62.0ºC - 67.0ºC
Saponification value75.0mg/g - 110mg/g
Ester value70mg/g - 80mg/g
Hydrocarbon13,5 - 16,5 %
OriginCentral and Eastern Europe